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About A-grade AsparagusAbout A-Grade Asparagus

Having been the major supplier of asparagus crowns to the UK's commercial growers for twenty years, we have extended the availability to gardeners both large and small. Our crowns are grown by a family company - Teboza BV - situated near Helden in Southern Holland where they have been growers of asparagus for some 50 years producing some 2 million kilos per year. Teboza have been the major supplier of crowns to the UK for the past 20 years and supply much of Europe and many countries in the rest of the world. In 2003 the company won the top Dutch Horticultural Company award.

UK Mainland supply only - Continental enquiries to Teboza BV on Links page - Crowns start at £1 each for 10 – 20 crowns and are discounted for 25+ - Delivery cost for fewer than 15 crowns is £2.50 - Don't forget, you should have 10 years fine cropping!

We are offering the two most proven and reliable varieties as sold to our commercial growers - Gynlim - the most reliable, proven early variety and Guelph Millenium - a new maincrop variety. Our crowns are fully certified and grown on virgin soil each year to minimise the risk of soil-borne diseases.

The UK climate is ideal for growing the best tasting asparagus due to its relatively slow growth compared to the imported product.We distribute the crowns from our Norfolk farm in late March and throughout April. Planting should be completed by the end of April if practical, but it is more important to plant into well-prepared free draining ground when the soil is warm and moist as they are going to be in production for 10 years plus. Crowns can be kept moist in the dark, at 5 degrees C or less until an ideal planting time.

So whether you are a smallholder, an allotment grower, a vegetable gardener or simply into the Good Life, A Grade Asparagus will supply you with many years of the healthiest top-quality crop.